The Big Life

Living a healthy life outside of diet culture

Episode Summary

What is health for you? Some people think, “it’s eating an apple instead of chips when you’re hungry”; "having a healthy weight"'; or "having the willpower to eat salads when everyone else ate pizza". Our idea of how to be healthy and how to care for ourselves, has been hijacked by diet culture, which tells us that thin is better, riding off cravings is valuable, and working out a lot is desirable. We confuse our desire for weight-loss and beauty with our desire for health. Defining and living health in terms dictated by diet culture has serious physical, mental and emotional repercussions. Today's show is a invitation to reflect on how you define health, how diet/wellness culture might be affecting the way you practice self-care, and learn practical tools to practice body kindness. Our guest is Rebecca Scritchfield, a well-being coach, registered dietitian nutritionist, and certified health and fitness specialist and the author of the book, Body Kindness. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.